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The book "Jock of the Bushveld" was written by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick in 1905, for his young children, and tell the story of his dog "Jock" and their adventures in South Africa some 20 years before.

Jock - a bull-terrier - was born in the present day Kruger National Park near the Pretorius Kop Camp.  He was the runt of the litter and the young Fitzpatrick saved him from certain death by adopting him as a pup.

Percy Fitzpatrick became a transport rider - carting supplies for the goldfields at Pilgrim's Rest and Barberton from Delagoa Bay (now Maputo) in Lourenco Marques (now Mozambique).

Jock grew up to be a faithful and obedient companion, as well as a champion fighter and hunter.  Jock accompanied Fitzpatrick on his journeys through the KNP, as well as through the towns of Sabie, Graskop, Pilgrim's Rest, Barberton and Lydenburg.

Locality Map of Paradise Camp
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In 1983 the Lowveld Digger's and Transport Rider's Society erected these bronze plagues on rocks wherever Jock's original route crossed the present day roads.

Paradise Camp
Fitzpatrick and his fellow transport rider, George Fullerton, established a summer camp on the Escarpment and called it "Paradise Camp" without leaving too many clues in his book as to it's exact location.

A hundred years later Pathfinders of the Lowveld Digger's and Transport Rider's Society (local historian Brian Simmons along with Derick Coetzee and Bill Knoesen) "re-discovered" Paradise Camp - less than two kilometres north-east of Graskop town.

This drawing, by Brian Simmons, depicts everyday life in Paradise Camp.  In the foreground are Sam, Jock, "Pezulu" the cock, Jim Makokel & young boy, and in the background George Fullerton and Percy Fitzpatrick.

About 1km south-east of Graskop town (and 1.7km south-west of Paradise Camp) the Pathfinders "re-discovered" the 1,000 grey sandstone sentinels of fantastic shapes, mentioned by Fitzpatrick.
These giant rock formations bear very descriptive names such as "The Wolf, The Sea-horse, The Vulture, The Camel and The Sitting Hen".

Brian Simmons at
The Sea-horse
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The Wolf
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The Vulture
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Web Master's Note:
After more than 100 years all that remains of Paradise Camp are the breathtaking views over the edge of the Escarpment, but the rock sentinels of Fairyland are still there and will grace the landscape for another million years.  See the Hiking / Walking section of our Adventure page for directions to Fairyland.


All photographs and drawings on this page come from the following two publications:

  • "In Fitzpatrick's Footsteps" Through the Present White River District. By B.P. Simmons

  • "In Fitzpatrick's Footsteps" Jock of the Bushveld's "Paradise Camp".  By D.J. Coetzee, B.P. Simmons and W. Knoesen

Recommended Reading:
Jock of the Bushveld.  By Sir Percy Fitzpatrick. ISBN 0 636 01116 X. Publishers: Maskew Miller Longman (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town.

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