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Take a "Big Swing", or take a walk through our fragrant forests, past our crystal clear streams.  Or ride the white-waters of our tumbling rivers, or breathe our fresh mountain air, or just drive and be free....

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There is an adventure waiting
for you in or near Graskop!

Abseiling (Sabie)
The sheer vertical cliffs around Graskop & Sabie lends itself to exhilarating rock climbing and abseiling for those with the right equipment, courage and know-how.

A number of adventure operators, with the right equipment and qualified instructors, offer abseiling adventures around Graskop, Sabie and Hazyview.
R350/person (Sabie)
Contact: Trips SA (013) 764-3399

Photo: DEAT

Archery (Sabie)
Your introduction to the art of archery. Standard "long –bows", which are fairly easy to master are used. This is a fun-activity with various disciplines or "target games" – suitable for groups, and equally enjoyed by men, women and kids.
Cost: 30 arrows = R150, 1 hour = R300
Contact: Trips SA (013) 764-3399


Fly-fishing (Sabie)
The Sabie Trout Angling Club stock 7 km of the Sabie River (32 km from Graskop) with rainbow and brown trout to supplement the natural breeding population of trout in these rivers.

The Sabie river is arguably the best river fly-fishing venue for trout on public waters in the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces.  Fly-fishers have to purchase a day permit and must also be in possession of a provincial trout angling license.  Strictly fly-fishing tackle and artificial flies only.
R90/angler/day, or R150/angler for 3 days
Contact: Andrew Kanaris: (083) 966-5089

Photo: SA Tourism

Gold Panning (Pilgrim's Rest)
The first pioneers feverishly panned for alluvial gold in the rivers and streams of the region - some made fortunes, others lost their boots. Re-live the gold fever at the Diggings in Pilgrim's Rest (24 km from Graskop).  Purchase a ticket at the Museum in Pilgrim's for a conducted tour and then try your hand at this popular pastime that has been polished to a fine art by some.
Cost: R20/adult, R10/child
Contact: Pilgrim's Museum (013) 768 1060

Photo: SA Tourism

There are a number of golf courses within a hour's drive, making Graskop a central base for a memorable golfing holiday.  So why not take a swing at some of the following excellent golf courses:
   Sabie Country Club: (9-hole)
   Kruger Park Lodge (Hazyview): 9-holes
   White River Country Club: 18-holes
   Pine Lake Inn (White River): 9-holes
   Sabie River Sun (Hazyview): 18-holes
   TGME Golf Club (Pilgrim's Rest): 9-hole
   Nelspruit Golf Club: 18-hole
   Skukuza (Kruger National Park): 9-hole

Photo: Willie Jacobs

Graskop Gorge Lift (Graskop)
Enchant your family with an unforgettable journey into the heart of a pristine indigenous forest. The Graskop Gorge Lift is the latest and most innovative tourism development in South Africa and the only one of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Your journey begins as you drop off the grassy cliff top in a custom-designed 26-passenger viewing elevator. It travels 51m down the cliff face into the cool mountain forest below. An extensive network of elevated walkways, suspension bridges and interactive exhibits lead you along the 500m forest trails and across the streams. More info

Gate Entry Fees to Centre:
    R50/Adult (17 years and older)
    R25/Child 4 - 16 years (under 4 years for free)

Lift Rates: (daily multi-ride ticket)
    R225/Adult (17 years and older)
    R145/Child 4 - 16 years (under 4 years for free)
Contact: Trips SA (013) 764-3399

Big Swing (Graskop)
Experience the adrenaline rush of the world's highest cable gorge swing with a 68 metre (18 storey building) freefall.  0-160km/h in 2.3 seconds!  This is not an upside-down bungee jump - your are strapped into a full harness in an upright position.

Or fly across the 80 metre high gorge on the High Wire Zipline.
Cost: (per person)
   Big Swing: R550
   Zipline: R250
   Big Swing & Zipline: R650
Contact: Trips SA (013) 764-3399

Photo: Chris du Plessis

Helicopter Flips
Hover over breathtaking views of waterfalls, Blyde Canyon, God's Window, and Sabie River Valley. Various options - 45 min to 2 hour flips.
Cost (per 2 passengers):
45min = R14,315
60min = R18,435
90min = R25,458 (includes picnic stop)
Additional passengers at R2,030/person.
Contact: Trips SA (013) 764-3399

Photo: SA Tourism

Walking / Hiking
Jock of the Bushveld / Fairyland (8km)
This circular trail starts and finishes at the horse stables at the eastern end of Bloedrivier Avenue. It passes through montane grassveld to the edge of the escarpment overlooking the Pinnacle Gorge.  On route you will see a "forest" of weirdly shaped rocks ("Fairyland"), as well as Sir Percy Fitzpatrick's overnight camp ("Paradise Camp").  Adequate protection against sunburn must be taken, as there is little shade along the route.  A route map with all the view-points along the way is obtainable from the Graskop Info Office at R30/person.
Webmaster's Note: This trail is currently (March 2021) poorly maintained.
For more info on "Paradise Camp", see our special "Jock of the Bushveld" page.

Belvedere Day Walk (8km)
Down and up steep gradients, this is one of the most incredibly satisfying walks in the region. It starts at Bourke's Luck Potholes and ends in the Blyde River Canyon at the old Belvedere Hydro Electric Power Station - at its time (1911) the largest hydro electric power station in the Southern Hemisphere.

Adventura Blydepoort Trails (2 to 5 km)
This resort (52 km from Graskop) have three, well laid out and signposted walks of between 2 and 5 km.  These are the Kadishi, Leopard & Guinea Fowl trails.

Over-night Hikes
There are a number of 2 to 5 day walks in the area.
Contact: Safcol Ecotourism (013) 754-2724

Photo: SA Tourism


Mountain Biking (Sabie)
Sabie, arguably the best mountain biking destination in South Africa, is only 32 km from Graskop.  It is the ideal springboard for both novice and accomplished mountain bikers to practice this sport in a secure environment amidst breathtaking scenery.  Sabie offer both the competitive and the casual mountain biker a wide range of expertly guided and well marked self-guided mountain bike trails.
More info on the Sabie MTB web site.
Cost: (per person)
    1 to 2 days = R30
    3 to 5 days = R60
Contact: Merry Pebbles Resort on 013 764 2266

Photo: Unknown

Quad Biking (Sabie)
An experienced guide will lead you on a half, 1 or 2-hour self-drive trail through scenic areas in the Sabie River Valley (30 km from Graskop).  Easy to drive all-terrain vehicles for hire.  From novice to experienced drivers.   Each 4-wheel motorbike can accommodate a driver and a passenger.

Cost: (per person)
    1/2 hour = R250
    1 hour = R450
    2 hour = R850
Contact: Trips SA (013) 764-3399

Photo: Chris du Plessis

River Rafting / Tubing (Sabie)
The Sabie River is one of the few unpolluted rivers left in South Africa.

Professional, trained tour operators - with a full compliment of safety equipment - offer adrenalin pumping 2.5-hour trips on custom designed tubes, referred to as Geckos. Minium age: 12 years.
Cost: (per person)
    Geckoing = R520/person
Contact: Trips SA (013) 764-3399

Photo: Steve Hardy

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